Student Gymkhana, IIT Hyderabad

Student Gymkhana is a student body which aims to bring the students together for their mutual all-round development. All the students of IIT Hyderabad are members of the Student Gymkhana and they are bounded by the Student Gymkhana Constitution and functions through its Executive Council. These members manage all the activities in their respective areas with the President coordinating them all. They are selected through the general elections which are held at the end of each academic year. Each area has its own Council which helps the Secretaries in conducting various activities throughout the year. Student Gymkhana is a body created to help the students to develop themselves and excel in any field that they wish to. It is a body constituted to foster a sense of unity among the students. It oversees all the aspects of the students' life during their stay at IIT Hyderabad and is constantly trying to improve their life here. It also acts as a link between the administration and the students. It is a body whose aim is to make the students responsible and better citizens of the world.