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  1. Weekly report

    May 15 2016

    Hostel Complaints:

    1.Cleanliness of Rec rooms in Kandi -- We have informed the hostel office staff about this.
    2.Hygiene in hostel blocks -- We have informed the incharge of house keeping staff.
    3.Taps at ODF messes are not working -- New items are purchased. Repair work is done.
    4.Internet issue in ODF hostel -- ISAC is working on it.
    5.Transport Schedule -- It is linked to General Council page in Gymkhana website i.e gymkhana.iith.ac.in/general.php

    Mess Complaints:

    1.Quality of Milk -- We have tested the quality of milk using lactometer. The reading was around 20. It is supposed to be around 26-27. So the Shakti mess people started bringing different quality milk.
    2.Quality of food (Fry and corn) -- Sunday snacks has been changed to Veg Cutlet. We spoke with them about the quality of bhindi fry. If the quality is not good again, we will take necessary action.

    Transport Complaints:

    1.Scheduling of Buses and Cabs -- We will be making necessary changes according to the students' usage.

    Message from the team:

    We are a team. We are here for the benefit of the students. We will ensure we do that.

  2. Interim Mess Pricing Details

    Current Interim Mess Pricing Details :Click here.