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  1. Weekly report

    May 15 2016

    Hostel Complaints:

    1.Cleanliness of Rec rooms in Kandi -- We have informed the hostel office staff about this.
    2.Hygiene in hostel blocks -- We have informed the incharge of house keeping staff.
    3.Taps at ODF messes are not working -- New items are purchased. Repair work is done.
    4.Internet issue in ODF hostel -- ISAC is working on it.
    5.Transport Schedule -- It is linked to General Council page in Gymkhana website i.e gymkhana.iith.ac.in/general.php

    Mess Complaints:

    1.Quality of Milk -- We have tested the quality of milk using lactometer. The reading was around 20. It is supposed to be around 26-27. So the Shakti mess people started bringing different quality milk.
    2.Quality of food (Fry and corn) -- Sunday snacks has been changed to Veg Cutlet. We spoke with them about the quality of bhindi fry. If the quality is not good again, we will take necessary action.

    Transport Complaints:

    1.Scheduling of Buses and Cabs -- We will be making necessary changes according to the students' usage.

    Message from the team:

    We are a team. We are here for the benefit of the students. We will ensure we do that.

  2. Weekly report

    May 22 2016
    Hostel Complaints:

    1. Internet issue at ODF -- Internet has been restored. If there is any problem, please let us know.
    2. Mirrors is 800 and 900 series washrooms -- Mirrors are to be allotted by Estate Office. So we have requested for new mirrors.
    3. Night Canteen and Juice shops being closed on Sundays -- As per the tender, juice shop can be closed on Sundays. We will let you know about night canteen.

    Mess Complaints:

    1. Limiting the amount of special items served (Paneer curry, Sweet, etc) -- It is obvious that all of us (students) like special items. But those items will be served in limited quantities only.

    Transport Complaints:

    1. Cabs during lunch hours are full -- For this reason, 12:30PM bus which is from ODF to Kandi and 1:30PM bus which is from Kandi to ODF are arranged to run via labs.
    2. During weekends many people are going from Labs to ODF at 8:30PM. So please arrange a bus at that hour to run via lab -- It is arranged as suggested.
    3. Arrangement of buses from Kandi to ODF insti at 9 or 10AM and ODF insti to Kandi at 7 or 8PM-- We will look into this and arrange within 2 or 3 days.
    4. 8:30PM bus from Kandi to ODF did not go via labs -- We spoke with the drivers about this. We will ensure that this will not happen again.
    5. Absence of 9:45PM cab driver on 18-05-2016 -- We will speak with the can driver and avoid these issues from happening again.


    Suggestion 1:

    The library does not have a reference room at present. There are no chairs available to sit. Please arrange atleast a temporary reference room for the library:-


    One of the most peaceful places to sit and study is Library. But in our library, there is no place to sit. It is completely filled with books. So it is not really possible to arrange chairs inside. A room close to library is required to make use of it as a study room. But there is no room close to library. There will be problems in taking the book, if the room is not close to the library. So we are working on how to set up a room. We also welcome you to suggest if you have any idea or solution for this.

    Suggestion 2:

    In Kandi-ODF schedule at night times, there is only half hour gap for the same bus to come from ODF and to go back to ODF and the buses scheduled like this are late by 10-15 minutes daily:-


    We will look into this and make necessary changes.

    Message from the team:

    You might not be able to see the flow from outside, but believe us it exists! If you support us (in good) and advise us (in our mistakes) instead of criticising us, we will be able to do anything!

  3. Weekly report

    May 29 2016
    Hostel Complaints:

    1. Internet issue at ODF in 300 series -- 3 switches and 10 access points are failed at ODF hostels. ISAC is replacing these all with cisco ones.
    2. Mirrors is hostels -- For ODF, the mirrors are bought and are yet to be arranged. For Kandi, we have sent a request to hostel office for mirrors and they will be arranged soon.
    3. Stationary shop being closed on Saturdays -- As per the tender, Stationary shop can be closed on Saturdays. If they want to close at any other time, they will give us prior notice.
    4. Stray dogs -- We have informed regarding the issue to wardens. We are waiting for their reply.

    Mess Complaints:

    1. Cleanliness in Kandi mess -- We are taking care of this. This issue is because some of the electric sockets and pest-o-flash are not working. We are taking help of L&T to solve it.
    2. Cleanliness of Utensils -- We informed and warned mess manager. It will be taken care of. In case you notice any unclean utensils, please inform us.

    Transport Complaints:

    1. 8:30PM bus from Kandi to ODF did not go via labs -- We spoke with the drivers about this. It was driver's fault.
    2. 5:30PM bus for Kandi to ODF -- 5:30 bus via lab is not removed from the schedule, on that day driver did not take the bus via labs. It was driver's fault. We will consider your suggestion.


    Suggestion 1:

    Request for Ph.D cabins


    We are working on this. We will keep you updated with the progress.

    Message from the team:

    "There is no problem in this world that cannot be solved by discussion and negotiation rather than force and violence!"-Nelson Mandela.
    For this reason, we have created Facebook group to solve all our problems unitedly. Please be a part of it!

  4. Weekly report

    June 05 2016
    Hostel Complaints:

    1. Hot and cold water dispenser in Kandi hostel -- They are made available.
    2. WiFi problem in 700 series -- It is solved.
    3. Problem with water chiller and washing machine in 300 series --

    Mess Complaints:

    1. Cleanliness of Utensils --
    2. Poor quality of Bhindi fry --
    3. Poor quality of Paneer Biryani --
    4. Request to add Upma to mess menu --

    Transport Complaints:

    1. Bus from ODF institute to Kandi -- A bus has been from ODF to Kandi via ODF institute at 8:00PM
    2. 5:30PM bus for Kandi to ODF was filled -- We will look into this issue and make necessary arrangements.

    Message from the team:

    One of the greatest challenges in the world is being yourself in a world that's trying to make you like everyone else. Stop being anonymous! Be yourself!

  5. Weekly report

    June 19 2016 Hostel Complaints:

    1.Functioning of Barber shop and cafeteria in Kandi -- We have informed them about inconvenience
    2.TV recharge in Kandi mess- Recharged
    3. Unclean drinking water solved. hostel office took necessary action
    4. Mirrors in Kandi hostel- They are to be arranged by L&T. We have informed the hostel office and they asked L&T to do it before so many days. But we are not getting any response from L&T

    Mess Complaints:

    1. Poor quality of salad -- Will not repeat again for sure.
    2. Monthly coupon with a condition that they have to eat all the three times in a day only in ODF-- You can take a monthly coupon now.
    3. Shortage of food -- Shortage of food happened in first two days because they don't know the count exactly. If they repeat it one more please complaint us again and we will take this issue to wardens.

    Transport Complaints:

    1. Updating the schedule on sheets. -- Sorry for inconvenience due to the issue on 4th June. We will update it usually when there are changes in the schedule.
    2. Buses from Kandi labs to mess -- We have arranged a bus,13:00 from ODF to Kandi via Kandi labs. It has been decided that for returning from Mess to Kandi labs, students would use internal shuttles and buses from Kandi to ODF.

    Message from the team:

    One of the greatest challenges in the world is being yourself in a world that's trying to make you like everyone else. Stop being anonymous! Be yourself!

  6. Weekly report

    July 3 2016

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    October 6 2016

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