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The variety of extracurricular life in IITH, gives everyone an opportunity to find worthwhile and meaningful activities to pursue throughout their stay on campus. IIT Hyderabad's Sports is one of the more brilliant facets of this campus life. Our fiery enthusiasm and zeal is embodied in our motto, "The name on the front of a jersey is more important than the name on the back". IITH offers plenty of sports facilities, which include a common football and cricket ground, a hockey ground , a well-equipped swimming pool, floodlit courts for basketball, badminton, tennis, and multiple courts for volleyball . Facilities for indoor games like table tennis, caroms, and chess are also available. Our calendar is packed with events like Fresher's Interaction Sports Program during the first month of every year, Inter-Departmental Sports Meet where the students play for their department’s glory, regular friendly matches with other college teams, and the most important Inter-IIT Sports Meet. A glint of gold bearing the Inter IIT Logo is the hallmark of achievement for a sportsperson in IIT. One can also live their NBA/IPL/EPL dreams by playing in the All Sports League, Football League, Cricket League and Basketball League, which are held once a year. IITH made its mark in Inter-IIT history by becoming the first newer IIT to win a medal at the Inter-IIT Sports Meet, after they won the Bronze Medal in Football. Come and re-live the joy of years spent on school playgrounds, experience the enthusiasm of cheering for your team and the overwhelming feeling of winning a medal at the Inter-IIT. It all begins here, at IIT Hyderabad Sports.

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