Mess Council


Mess Monitoring Council, also known as MMC, assists in the robust functioning of mess in co-ordination with mess wardens and HCU. Headed by Mess Secretary, it represents the students' voice. MMC is responsible for menu preparation, mess inspection, and the grievance cell. It also regularly inspects the operations to look for various faults and ensure that the food quality is maintained at IITH. It strives to ensure that all the students have enjoyable and healthy meals at their second home

Mess Secretary

Mess Secretary

Rishitha Surisetty

+91 8074801959


Mess Coordinator

Chaitanya Reddy

Daily Inspection Team

Srishti Banarjee

Sai Sujith Reddy Sandhi

Yapamanu Ujwa Sai Simha

Jas Chaudhary

Kasi Dhanvi

Arkajyoti Jha

Kshitiz Kumar

Nabeel Mohammed P T

Gopika K T

P Padmini

Uppulapu Manikanta

Milk Inspection Team

Tejaswi S


Vaibhav Racinhalwar

Harshal Verma

Akshay Pudari

Nethish Gorantla

Thumu Johar Reddy

Manikanta Vallepu

Mess Hygiene Team

Sankalp Deshmukh


Surya Teja Cheruku

Surya Sudeep

Diptasri Ghosh

Anuraag Manda

Harsha S R

Rishitha Surisetty



Vamsi Preetam

Menu Preparation Team

Harish Madireddi


Suraj Telugu

K Satya Sandesh

Karri Trinadha Rao

Anuj Sharma

Mess Technical Team

Murugappan N


Siddharth Reddy

B Vishwajith Reddy

Mess Grievance Cell

Adamya Dubey

Ajay Bachiphale

Uday Kiran Timmala

Dhatri Nanda