Media Council

The media council of IITH was formed on May 2014 and is a student council that helps in taking IITH to every individual in and outside IITH. We are involved in publicizing our institute though social media, social events, etc. Media Council is currently involved in various newsletters of IITH like the academic newsletter, placement newsletter with the guidance of various faculties of IITH. We are also involved in managing all the social contacts of IITH. Apart from this, we have introduced a Student Activity Page (SAP) that updates everyone of IITH’s daily students’ activities. We also help our Student Body with the maintenance of various webpages.

Media and Public Relations Secretary:
Akshita Ramya Kamsali
Interested in being a reporter or writer of IITH? Kindly mail to or contact the above number

Media Council, The Team:
1.Content Coordinators
a) Anand Swain (Editor)
Email :
b) Ahmed Sihorwala
Email :
c) Gautham Gururajan
Email :

2.Digital Arts Coordinator
a) Sudhanshu Chawhan
Email :

3.Photography Coordinator
a) Ayush Kumar
Email :

4.Web Coordinators
a) Sai Harsha Kottapalli
Email :
b) Tanmay Renugunta
Email :
c) K Rishinandan
Email :