The LitSoc, short for The Literary Society, is a hobby club for a number of activities of “literary nature”. Originally started by two fiery young men, with unabated passion, as a club for quizzing every week, the LitSoc quickly encompassed a number of activities, besides quizzing. The Lexicon ( // ) is our online blog/magazine where young writers weave words of their choice, be it hot opinions, satire or evocative pieces that surprise your way of thinking or tales worthy of a college level bard. Debates are held on both pressing current topics and more nuanced policy based ones. We also have a readers circle that meets up every once in a while to discuss books and literature. The LitSoc hopes to hold many more interesting literary activities, encourage fresh ideas and have fun.  


Name position contact
Dhruv Gupta Head 8411970205
Vedha Moorthy Head 8903900986
Saurav Madhusoodanan BMC coordinator 6282790289
Srinikitha Bhagvati Writing Club Coordinator 9866992152
Devi Aishwarya Debate Club Coordinator 9381101397
Jothika Noble Debate club coordinator 8310972649
Sumadhva Sridhar Quiz Club Coordinator 9741224098
Shreyas Havaldar Quiz Club Coordinator 9518917841
Manvitha Kalicheti Writing Club Coordinator 9849081683