Hostels - IIT Hyderabad

IIT Hyderabad has a set of three hostels,Old Boys' Hostel,Girls Hostel and the New Boys' Hostel and there are two Messes' adjacent to these hostels. Hostel Life at IITH is filled with fun only - and a frisk of study (when exams are on). Two students share a single room, which has enough space for 2 beds, 2 study tables and chairs, and 2 Godrej almirahs. The hostels are brand new - renovated from the old buildings of the Ordnance Factory to the present state and the new Boys' Hostel and Girls Hostel have been recently constructed. All the hostels have a TV room - used quite a lot, especially in the evenings. Students go crazy over football and cricket (especially IPL) matches, creating a stadium like environment with supporters of various teams. People are always on high-adrenaline here. A Table-Tennis room is also one of the most frenzied rooms of the hostel. Apart from this, there is also a game room where students usually are seen playing carrom, chess and other indoor games. We also have a computer room. that has 5 well configured computers which people can use for whatever the purpose. Then there is a reading room - it is the only place that actually has the study "ambience" - quiet, well lit environment. This is also the place where all the newspapers are also kept daily for student use. There is also the most famous Cafeteria - a store located near the old Dining Hall where one can buy cold drinks, chips, and other snacks. There is also a stationery store beside the student activities coordinator (SAC) room. The SAC room is where students can go if they need to sort out any personal or other issues or just talking about any ideas for activities. One also enjoys outdoor sports in a different barbaric manner...we play football, volleyball and cricket with vigor on fields we have in the hostel premises ,including the girls hostel. It's great playing football at whatever the time( it is lit by some vapor lamps) at the field which we like to call - New Trafford. The girls' hostel is equally well equipped with all these facilities. And last but not least the Birthdays....the celebration starts on midnight with cake (usually smashed on the birthday boy's/girl's face), soft drinks and of course the celebrations! Celebrating birthdays in the hostels' has become a tradition now and everyone looks forward to it. So, to sum it up in short, that's Hostel Life... What we call "Home Sweet Home" !

Hostel Rules and Regulations